VW T5 v2.0 FS19

VW T5 v2.0 FS19

This is the official V2 of our VW T5!
The T5 has a large selection of different styles (fire brigade, emergency doctor, police, THW, field hunter, etc.)
The T5 also has a large selection of blue lights. (DBS975, DBS3000, DBS4000, beacons)
If you have any questions, please contact us in our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/jSRbwfn
If required by Universal-Passenger & SimpleIC , the corresponding mods are also required!

– New blue lights!
– New style options!
– New wheels!
– New weight!
– Universal passenger installed!

Modell: SoSi-ModdingTextur: SoSi-Modding, Lexion, Sawside-GamingIdee / Konzept: SoSi-ModdingTester: SoSi-ModdingSonstige: FWKB


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