Scania Next Gen ReMoled v1.8.4 1.37.x ETS2

Scania Next Gen ReMoled v1.8.4 1.37.x ETS2

Changes v1.8.4

Fixed lampmask on kelsa chassisbar guards

Changes v1.8.3

1.37 fixes including FMOD

Included Low Fenders

fixed a couple of things

Changes v1.8.2

Fixed mirrors mistake

Kind of fixed eyebrows (it works lol) – Gives off base pmd adaptation (yellow blunder in log)

V1.8 Added

1.35 similarity.

Changes v1.8.1

Refreshed to fix a blunder that sneaked in for the mirrors making them lose the spaces .

Additionally incorporated the working eyebrows that are not refreshed for 1.35

Fixed blunder for wrong pmd rendition

Changes 1.8

Included 1.35 similarity.

Changes V1.7 Added

working mists to all yellow and blue guards

Front light eyebrow spoilers for all stock and hued headlights in black,chrome and paint

Included more doorhandles and cleaned the mirrors up

Included a signals variation for 50k candies

Changes V1.6 Added

Yellow flares to yellow lights

Blue focal point to all lights in addition to yield and flares

Lazer Yellow choices

Lazer Blue choices

Changed Bakbar HM position

Changed Bakbar HM openings for worklamps

Chrome and Paint – new mirror variation

Chrome and Paint – New Doorhandle variation

4 Aircon units

Kelsa ChassisBar

Kelsa BeaconBar

Changes 1.5

Included 8×4 Painted Tower Step

Added Yellow focal point alternative to High,Mid,Head and Fog lights with yellow yield – Painted Variants .

Included Lobar SL9 and 12 – Chrome variations

Added spaces to Plastic,Chrome Mirrors EU/UK (NOT MG Luxury as it’s paid DLC)

In this pack you will discover

Air Slots for all skeleton/taxi combos

Kelsa Lobar SL9 and SL12 Painted

Kelsa Multibar XL Chrome and Painted

Kelsa BakBar High and Low Mount with embellishment openings and discretionary Worklamps (Reverse)

Kelsa AirBar – 4 choices in addition to openings

fifth Wheel Covers – 4 choices

Mirror Slots for Painted UK/EU Mirrors (NOT MG Luxury as it’s paid DLC)

An entire host of little lights and strobes by Mohegan

Chosen embellishments from my more seasoned mods

Rundown of cleaning ACC codes for painted parts

Light Pack including bolster record


Solutech, much gratitude to Mohegan,GTMike,Obelihnio


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