PUBG style weapon pickups 1.2 – GTA 5 MODS

PUBG style weapon pickups 1.2 – GTA 5 MODS

PUBG Identical Customized weapon pickup counterbalance positions for GTA V.



  • Carry your weapons Visibly –

at the point when weapons are not being used they will be noticeably observed hanging at the pieces of ped’s body intently comparative with fight illustrious games like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Rules of Survival, Ghost Recon Wild grounds.

  • Tip-

In the event that you are new to Pickups, at that point utilize a coach to physically prepare weapons separately , don’t endeavor to pick “prepare all weapons” in the menu or the weapons will be dispersed near one another in the ground and you’ll get confounded

PICKUPS by infamousabre is an obsolete content mod , I don’t have the foggiest idea why it must be not refreshed for quite a while yet judgingly it is as yet delightful for it can make a phenomenal mod like this.

observe that introducing pickups will make your numbering for weapons not to work however you can in any case utilize the wheels, So utilize the weapon wheels by holding tab button.


Q. What does this mod do and what’s going on here?

A. It is a custom settings that is containing designs made for the PICKUPS content that permits us to see weapons noticeable set up as fight royale style explicitly for PUBG spilled ped. Be that as it may, can even now be use with any peds.

Q. Is this containing Skins?

A. No , it is simply absolutely settings

Q. For what reason is it not working?

A. Ensure you have the most recent scripthook that works for you. as each mod running content requires ScripthookVdotnet and so forth.


  • 6 position openings indistinguishable from Playerunknown Battlegrounds weapon balances
  • practically everything is working adjusted.
  • 6 symbols weapon wheel

Prior to introducing this, make certain to download and introduce the REQUIRED content first:

Pickups 2.2 by InfamousSabre

Rundown of weapon obvious burden out changes:

  1. Essential weapons – Right shoulder side

(Attack rifles/carbines, Machine guns(SMG,MG, Combat MG/Mk2)

  1. Optional weapons – Left shoulder side

(Sharpshooter rifles, Shotguns, some Smgs – including RPG, Launchers)

  1. Scuffle weapons – Lower part underneath the pack/rucksack

(all the scuffle weapons , including the Jerry can)

  1. Gun weapons – Right side down cowardly

(all the Hand weapons/guns including Double barrel Shotgun and Compact projectile launcher)

  1. Non touchy throwable weapons – Holster right side the belt

(throwables like smoke explosive/tear gas,molotov and devices and so forth.)

  1. Touchy throwable weapons – Holster left side the belt

(throwables like frag grenade,mines, bomb and so forth.)



  • Slightly turned situations for essential and auxiliary weapons to precisely copy the genuine article.
  • fixes position for uncommon carbine (SCAR-L) and advance rifle ( Steyr AUG 3)
  • fixes position for battle PDW (UMP .45 smg) and SMG (Vector)
  • incidentally fixed the covering weapon wheel
  • added a variety fitted to male pubg ped


  • weapon wheel size is presently enough Larger to make symbols progressively noticeable
  • position fixes for optional weapon class
  • Machine guns(MG,Combat MG, CMG MK2) and SMG is currently at essential weapon classification
  • position fixes for scuffle weapons
  • shoot douser is presently at Melee weapon classification
  • twofold barrel shotgun and minimal projectile launcher is presently at gun classification
  • position fixes for Launchers ( RPG, firecracker launcher, homing launcher)

1.0 – introductory discharge


  1. Introduce the necessary Script mod by InfamousSabre –
  2. supplant everything from Pickups organizer to X:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto V\Pickups
  3. supplant additionally fitted slots.xml to X:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto V\Pickups
  4. supplant pickups.ini to primary game catalog X:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto V

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