Ponsse Elephant King HKL Mod FS19

Ponsse Elephant King HKL Mod FS19

PONSSE Elephant King is the sturdiest machine in our forwarder range. When forest machines are designed and manufactured in Finland, it is guaranteed that requirements set by different conditions have been taken into account, whether it is 50 degrees above or below zero. The durable basic structure is reliable and holds no surprises, also in heavy-duty operations. The technology, tested in extreme conditions, caters for productivity and helps the operator to keep working. Its powerful engine, combined with its never-ending tractive force and 20-ton load-carrying capacity, ensures that wood is moved efficiently, also at sites located on slopes, and over long distances, with fewer trips. PONSSE Elephant King’s frame structures and sturdy bogies have been designed to withstand loads of 20 tons, even in the most demanding conditions. The trail may not always be smooth and comfortable. This means that the Active Frame cabin suspension system, available as optional equipment, is more than welcome. It prevents the operator from swaying in the cabin and helps the operator to keep working. The large load space and smooth transmission and loader control system ensure that PONSSE Elephant King is the most productive forwarder in the markets. Horsepower: 354 HP Load Rating: 20 000 kg Price: 210 000 $ Ponsse Activeframe: Cab leveling Large Ponsse 055 Grapple Front Blade and Engine Grill Guard configs Hooklift Required Mods: http://www.fs19mods.com/itrunner-pack-v1-0-0-0-trailer/

Credits: North Modding Company


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