Placeable skidtrail trees v1.0 FS19 Mod

FS19 Placeable skidtrail trees v1.0.0 7
FS19 Placeable skidtrail trees v1.0.0 7

Placeable skidtrail trees v1.0 FS19 Mod

A set consisting of 9 placeable trees (pine) with special markings for skidtrails.
Since the markings vary from forest to forest, we hope to have met the taste of the crowd.
The set contains trees with the following markings, which can be found under Placeable objects ->

1) R arrow left
2) R arrow right
Note that there is a skid trail in this direction, ideal for paths for subsequent players if the alley starts a little further away from the path.
3) R with double slant diagonally left
4) R with double slant diagonally to the right
Start of a skid trail (german : Rueckegasse =R).
5) Double line at an angle to the left
6) Double dash diagonally to the right
Along the course of a skid trail.
7) Horizontal line with a vertical arrow pointing downwards
Natural “bollard” tree to move along on sharp bends.
(This should be felled to the line height before the start of the rework or recognizable as a bollard above)
8) H with 2 underscores below
Habitat tree, this tree should not be felled for conservation reasons.
9) Z with ring around trunk (white)
Future tree. This tree should not be felled.

The markings are very well visible, so that we can place them more easily, we have added an invisible arrow on the ground to the trees, which indicates the direction of the marking.
We wish you happy forestry

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