PETERBILT 387 1.3.137b 1.37.x ATS

PETERBILT 387 1.3.137b 1.37.x ATS

Update 05.05.20

Minor rectifications to the recently distributed rendition of the mod.

For a full rundown of fixes, just as known bugs, see beneath under the spoiler.For game rendition 1.36:


alters the material of the lower addition of the instrument board made of dark plastic.

expelled ancient rarities from the sticker surfaces as an afterthought Windows.

evacuated obsolete and unused parts in the enrollment code of the installed PC, fixed the content format for the marker of empowered transmission in the selective adaptation of the lodge.

the recording device is made removable and added a few models to look over in different structure factors.

changes to the tachograph model (in the adaptation for Euro Truck Simulator 2).

a few forms of the working directions have been included to the frill the dashboard (int_acc).

included a second form of the CB radio broadcast Midland Alan 100 Plus in different establishment choices.

alters to the iPhone Navigator model, included a subsequent form.


alters to diverter and flyswatter materials.

included extra spaces for the kangaroo house.

the hood_acc mascot locator was renamed hood to improve similarity with confined segment names.

Generally speaking CHANGE:

included extra alternatives gear proportions of the principle transmission 10 and 13 and 18-speed gearbox.

for the display of tractors, a truck is enrolled in the arrangement with a sleeper taxi.

updates of enlistment of trucks in requests of organizations and sellers dependent on the aftereffects of the progressions made.

For game variant 1.37 (just American Truck Simulator):

hints of inside components are enrolled from the default Peterbilt 579. There are no exceptional contrasts, only for request.

refreshed enrollment truck_config_scene.sii as per the game updates after the arrival of Mack Anthem.


Equivalent to in the past rendition of the mod.

Tried on the game form: 1.36.x. s (Euro Truck Simulator 2, however ought to likewise work in American Truck Simulator) and 1.37.x.s (just American Truck Simulator).

The following update is gotten ready for the two games just under their rendition 1.37, while an undeniable adjustment for Euro Truck Simulator 2 V. 1.37 is likewise arranged.


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