New Map Mod – Project East v0.4.7.2 – Idaho & Wyoming 1.36.x ATS

project east v0.4.7.2 idaho a wyoming 1.36.x ats 2

New Map Mod – Project East v0.4.7.2 – Idaho & Wyoming 1.36.x ATS

Changes v0.4.7.2:

– This form just updates the Montana Exp. Connections Package which might possibly work for you.

Changes v0.4.7.1:

– Fixed a few issues with Links bundle w/Montana Expansion

Changes v0.4.7:

– Some bug fixes

– Preparation for Version 0.5

– Wyoming Signage Improvements

– another discretionary record : Project East and Montana Expansion Links.scs*

– Other little guide increases

Changes v0.4.6

– Bug fixes in WY and ID

– Town of Evanston, WY revived

– I 80 Improvements (Rock Springs and Evanston)

– Manila, UT checkpoint

– Other little guide increments

Changes v0.4.5

– Over 100 bugs settled. (See disunity #Bugreports)

– Added Manila, UT

– Added US 191 from Rock Springs to Vernal Utah.

– Added UT 44 from US 191 to Manila UT

– Added WYO 530 from Manila UT to Rock Springs (Green River)

Changelog v0.4.4:

– Renamed Project North to Project East

– Updated illustrations, to suit the new name

– Put the entirety of the custom resources within one .scs document. Presently you have Project North 0.4.4.scs and Project North Assets.scs.

– Updated load request.

Changelog v0.4.3:

– US 191 Changes and Fixes:

Fixed landscape holes

Fixed stone in the street causing harm

Fixed flying cascade

Fixed render separations

– Jackson Fixes:

Fixed sign in the street

Fixed vanishing AI traffic on fundamental street

– Boise and Area:

Evacuated dynamic street signage, speed limit is 65 mph on I 84 at this point.

Fixed openings in view

Changelog 0.4.2

– Made the non C2C variant of Montana Expansion Compatible

– Linked the non C2C rendition of Montana Expansion up With Project North through I 15

– Fixed different bugs, similar to territory holes and imperceptible dividers.

– Fixed GPS steering blunders. GPS works across I 80.

– Added humble community of Superior, WY east of Rock Springs

– Fixed rendering separations in many areas

– Should be truly steady.

Changelog 0.4.1

It fixed undetectable obstructions and some other minor issues. It additionally fixes openings in Boise, ID and imperceptible dividers in Pocatello.

Changelog v 0.4.0


Urban communities

Rock springs




Expressway 80 and the street from Highway to I84 at Rock Springs

Expressway 191 from Highway 80 from Rock Springs to Jakson

Expressway 15 from Pocatello to Odgen exit

Utah DLC Now Required

Guide associated by street to Utah

Changelog v 0.3.1

that fixes significant issues in Washington alongside some other minor issues.

Changelog v0.3.1

Fixed Invisible Barriers in Pocatello Area

moved reflectors standing up out of the ground along I 84 (Mtn Home – Twin Falls)

Fixed render removes over the state

Fixed openings on US 93 (You should now have the option to see mountains and so on)

Fixed landscape holes in many spots.

Changelog 0.3

Idaho Contents:

– City: Twin Falls

– City: Pocatello

– City: Idaho Falls

– Back streets in the middle of Twin Falls and Pocatello

– Iconic tourist spots, for example, Snake River, Island Park, West Yellowstone and more

– Unique Interchanges, for example, a DDI and stack trades.

– I 84 Extention (Mtn Home – I 86)

– Road: I 86 (I 84 – I 15 [Pocatello])

– Road: I 15 (Pocatello – Idaho Falls)

– Road: US 20 (ID Falls – W. Yellowstone)

– Road: ID 33 (US 20 – WYO 22)

Montana Contents:

– Town: West Yellowstone

– Road: US 20

– Scenic Mountain Passages

Wyoming Contents:

– Town: Jackson

– Road: WYO 22 (Jackson – ID 33)

– Town: West Yellowstone

– Yellowstone Nat Park View Points

– Scenic Mountain Passages

Test 1.37

Understand me:

1.) Like past variants, you will require the most recent free form of Mega Resources

2.) Inside Project East 0.4.7, you will have three .scs records, the first is Project East x.x.x and the second is Project East resources. Guarantee both of those are empowered. The third is Project East and Montana Expansion Links, just utilize that with Montana Expansion. In the event that you aren’t utilizing Montana Expansion, you don’t have to initiate it.

3.) Changes have happened in the establishment procedure. It is suggested you take a gander at the heap request once more

Connection 3 Mega Resources




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