Kamaz 54115 Turbo V8 1.37 ETS2

kamaz 54115 turbo v8 1.37 ets2 1

Kamaz 54115 Turbo V8 1.37 ETS2

Update for version 1.37
Unzip the archive, there is a fix in it; put the mod above; there is a fix in it and the sounds of the KAMAZ engine will hear the native sound of KAMAZ.

Changes in v04.09.19
cables for trailers added
Added three modes for wipers,
Added fog lights to the roof,
added more interior now there are three of them,
changed engine sounds to more suitable I took them from Kamaz 5410

For sale in MAN
Your interior
Own sound
Quite a lot of tuning and different variants of the truck
The author of the alteration of the truck, made it under the old version

Test for 1.37
author of the original: Nikon Oleinichenko (kamaznik), remade: funyash.


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