FS19 Mod HoT Animals 1.4.0a

FS19 HoT Animals 1.4 1
FS19 HoT Animals 1.4 1

FS19 Mod HoT Animals 1.4.0a

Suitable for our farm pack here stables and pastures.

Version 1.4.0.a
With manure system
Without animal pen extension, that’s what our HoT Fillables 2 HoT Fillables 2 does
Triggerfix pigsties

Here are a few stables and pastures, as well as manure dumping areas, to match the HoF Pack.

The package consists of the following objects:
1 large cowshed
1 small cowshed
1 large cow pasture
1 small cow pasture
1 pigsty with manure and manure
1 pigsty only with manure
1 chicken coop
1 horse stable
1 sheep pen
2 manure dumping places

The stalls where manure is produced must be cleared out themselves.
The cabinet must be opened to remove liquid manure.
Have fun with it

HoT online Team


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