FS19 Mod Egg Storage 1.0

FS19 Egg Storage 1.0.0 5
FS19 Egg Storage 1.0.0 5

FS19 Mod Egg Storage 1.0

Warehouse for storing egg cartons.

Egg storage:
Purchase price 12500 €, daily costs 10 €, capacity 24000l ( 12000l input / 12000l output )
Store the vanilla egg cartons and pack them on a pallet.

Mod only playable in combination with GlobalCompany!
The shelter is a prefab of Moos Agrar.

Changelog version
– Egg pallets redesigned
– Egg pallets are now loadable with pallet forks

Changelog version
– Markers made fadeable
– Warning stripes made fade out
– Lamp made switchable

Changelog version
– Season masks set
– Clear Areas improved
– Lantern added
– Hotspots set
– Marker set
– Building moved to new category (AgraZ)

Required Mods:
Global Company



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