FS19 Map Baltic Sea v1.0

FS19 Baltic Sea v1.0.0 2
FS19 Baltic Sea v1.0.0 2

FS19 Map Baltic Sea v1.0

Welcome to a small village at the Baltic Sea. Your farm is surrounded by the beach, but there is no time for a holiday.
The fields and meadows should be easy to manage with medium equipment. There is also a cowshed, pigsty, sheep pen and chicken coop as well as a biogas plant.
I converted the map for Farming Simulator 19, but I redesigned most of the map.
So have fun exploring.

The following features are installed:
-multi terrain angle
-seasons ready
-increased limit for height Types for MaizePlus (PC only)
-manure System (PC only)
-Manure System Lagoon pre-installed (only PC, note necessary mods)
-Gates at dealers open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.



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