ETS2 1.36.x Mercedes 2009 Modern Interior (MODBROS)

ETS2 1.36.x Mercedes 2009 Modern Interior (MODBROS)

Welcome to our new Mercedes Actros 2009 “Modern Interior” mod BY [MODBROS] Ver. 1.0, please support us with your comments and wishes.

– Texture corrections and shader improvements
– Custom color dashboard gauges and buttons
– Improve brightness and bloom of the full dashboard
– Changed Parts: Steering Wheel, Dashboard, Bad, Floor, All Seats
– Change texture materials ( Plastic, Leather, Fabric etc. )

Yeni Mercedes Actros 2009 “Modern Standart” İç Kaplama modumuza hoş geldiniz [MODBROS] Ver. 1.0, lütfen yorum yapmayı ve moda eklenmesini istediğiniz detayları yazmayı ihmal etmeyin.



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