Big Project Mexico + USA Version 1.37.x ATS MAP

big project mexico 2B usa version 1.37.x ats 1

Big Project Mexico + USA Version 1.37.x ATS MAP

Big Project Mexico + USA Версия “С” ATS 1.37.х April 26th update

The mod is not included in the assembly: PazzMod 1.2.1, since it breaks the roads to the east from San Diego in the areas of El Centro, Yuma and others.

Also not tested with cards:
CanaDream – v2.10
Coast to Coast Map v2.11

The archive has 7 files:
1. Mega_Resources_v2_1_8C.scs
2. Reforma_Sierra_Nevada_v2_2_20C.scs
3. Reforma_MexicoExtremo_2_1_12C.scs
4. VivaMexico_v2_5_3C_hugoces.scs
5. Mexxssimap1.6A.scs
6. ATS_LAMB_SAT_BG_MAP_BORDERS_BLACK_STD.scs – Color background card

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